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Our pure TGT hazelnut pastes (available in three different degrees of roasting: “Nocciola TGT” – low, “Nocciola TGT M.” – medium, and “Nocciola TGT Special” – high degree of roasting) are 100% pure, without addition of food colorings, flavours or preservatives.

They are naturally liquid since we only use whole “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” variety hazelnuts,calibrated and accurately chosen . We don’t use any emusifier therefore it is possible that with the passing of time you can experience a natural separation between the hazelnut oil originally contained in the product and its thicker part.

In Fructital we deal with the whole process of production of the hazelnuts, that we buy from a local producer in Langhe region (northen Italy). The product is shelled and delivered to our warehouse regularly and processed weekly, in order to grant the absolute freshness of the final product.

After receiving the hazelnuts, our operators roast them (with different degrees of roasting depending on the product required) and remove the eventual residual peels, that would confer a slightly bitter flavour to the paste.

Hazelnuts are then moved to the refining department where they are cold refined to preserve the flavour at its best. From whole hazelnuts, after passing several times inside the refining rolls, they become a paste with a quite liquid texture, that is exactly what you receive in the Fructital cans. Nothing else.

We don’t use any grains or powder that originate from waste of other productions that would make the paste thicker, in order to guarantee an absolute quality of the product and the best performance in your ice cream.

SUGGESTED DOSAGE for 1 Kg white base: 80 – 100 grames product

PACKAGING: Carton of 2 thermo-welded plastic cans with resealable cover of 3,5 Kg