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Scirubetta Festival 2019

II edition of Scirubetta 2019.
A large village of artisanal gelato in the heart of the city

14/17 September 2019, Lungomare di Falcomatà

For the second time Scirubetta was a real success, welcomed and followed by the Reggio Calabria population who invaded the gelato village throughout the event.

The 2019 edition was full of events: every day there were many show cooking and interesting thematic meetings, organized by gelato experts.

Fructital Technical Demo
Maestro Francesco Procopio, Fructital Technical Demonstrator
Interview to Mr. Carlo Toso, Italy Sales Manager for Fructital

For this occasion 40 gelato chefs, coming from different regions of Italy, presented innovative flavours made with captivating and unusual combinations, using high quality raw materials.

Thanking plaque delivery for Stefano Collino, Fructital owner, official sponsor of the festival
The technical jury awarded the first prize to Maestro Rosario Nicodemo with his creation “Profumi del Sud”, a delicious sorbet based on prickly pear juice, with zest of cedar and crunchy Amaretto.
The first prize of the popular jury was won by the chef Pasquale Monteleone with “The truffle of the Pizzo Calabro shop “, hazelnut and chocolate gelato with melted chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.
For the prize “Best decoration” the chef Gianluca Marciano ‘with Kalavria, a real celebration of the country from which it takes its name, gelato with Madagascar vanilla berries, zest of Reggio Calabria bergamot, variegated with sour cherries, caramel crumble and pistachio sauce.
Moreover, the participation of the Japanese Chefs Shibano made Scirubetta 2019 an international event!

Excited by the excellent result of Scirubetta 2019, with pleasure we give you the Goodbye to the next edition!

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