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The beginnings of Fructital are in 1922 in Piedmont, Northern Italy, in the production of ingredients and semi-finished products for the artisan gelato and pastry-making industry. Since then, the Company has combined the ancient and strong tradition and the most modern technologies to offer its customers a wide choice of quality products.

Fructital fully commits in meeting the needs of gelato artisans, especially taking care of the selection of raw materials. Over the years this choice has developed into a sophisticated quality research.

Each product is developed and tested in the Company laboratory, to guarantee the highest quality standards. All raw materials are refined and processed within our workshop with traditional methods (in particular, all dried fruit is cold refined to preserve intense flavour and aroma).

Investments in research and development are constant over time. Step by step technical and start-up support is designed specifically for each single customer from the little artisan to the large confectionery company, so that the aspirant gelato maker finds in Fructital a complete partner, ready to offer advice, training and to give the possibility to create together customized recipes and packaging.

The main feature that distinguishes Fructital is about its production: in the catalogue there are no commercialized items. Fructital has an entire range of production with more than 250 references.

Fructital is also investing to expand and improve the production area, in order to offer a better environment to its staff and a punctual service to its customers. The automation of process is under the careful eye of a well-trained production staff, which has maturated experience with the company throughout the years in order to preserve quality and craftsmanship.

Fructital operates nationally and abroad, both directly and through business partners and selected distributors.

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