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Bases for Gelato

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Base Aurora 100

It only contains animal fats, it gives the ice cream an excellent structure and duration in time. It can be also used with cold process. Exquisite taste of cream.

Base Aurora 50

Base with a quite strong milk flavour, with animal fats. The structure is at the same time soft and solid, typical features of traditional ice cream.

Base Bollicine

The new base for the production of alcoholic ice cream, it confers creaminess and mantains structure.

Base Fiocco 180

Slightly vanilla-flavoured, this base allows you to obtain an excellent balance of ingredients only by adding sugar, milk and cream.

Base Fructifruit 50

Recommended in sorbets with high percentage of fruit. This base is innovative, with xanthan gum, without dairy products, without flavours and without fats.

Base Frutta 100

Recommended for use with fruit paste, very creamy and structuring, it can be also used with hot process.

Base Frutta 50

Base with vegetable refined fats, it does not contain dairy products.

Base Frutta Completa

Complete balanced base. You only need to add water and fruit.

Base Kailas 100

A modern base, with a neutral flavour, with innovative ingredients. It resists well to jumps in temperature, and it is suitable for the production of high ice cream.

Base Latte 50

Base with a milk flavour not too pronounced, it allows cream flavours to stand out. It mantains the ice cream soft and easy to serve.

Base Nero Ciock

Semi-complete base, to be used both with milk and with water, to obtain an excellent and balanced chocolate ice cream.

Base Olimpia 100

It contains special refined vegetable fats which allow to produce a very creamy low fat ice cream. Exquisite taste of milk.

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